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Version0.97 22nd October 2007

French Translation data added. French Translation complete Thanks to Romain?

Some small bugs ironed out. Still displays long titles over two lines without displacing the content.

Version0.95 20th September 2005

Italian Translation complete. Thanks to Alex Hodson-Rutter

Added scrollbar to take account of search results that are longer than the widget.

Minor bugfixes

Added debugging information when viewed in Safari.

Version0.85 29th August 2005

Initial Italian translation completed

Added datafiles for most main European Languages. Localisation of the widget itself is not completed for these yet.

Version0.8 20th August 2005

Added some error handling routines to prevent widget from hanging when there are large numbers of results.

Version0.75 16th August 2005

Widget name and text localised to Czech, courtesy of Frantisek. He's part way through translating the datafile. Changed the name to eNumbers2 for the interim until this period of flux is over.

Clickable URL now displays shadow when you mouse over it. Nice little touch

Widget is Unicode compliant (apart from the search routine) so that non-english words can be displayed sensibly.

Changed way that widget links into datafile so that a different file can be used for each language

widget name will change to a local language version (if one exists)

Version 0.7 11th August 2005

Added the ability to Localise the widget to other languages. Get in touch if you'd like to help, or can translate stuff for me: mail@tjstephens.com

Added clickable URL to the back of the widget

Version 0.61 27th July 2005

Fixed up some minor presentation issues. Removed some unwanted cruft from the package to make the download smaller.

Version 0.6 24th July 2005

The multiple results list (when >6 results) is now clickable to display relevant information.

Version 0.5 23rd July 2005

Added neater handling of multiple results. When there are >6 results, they are displayed along the bottom of the widget. Clicking on their number displays the information relevant to that eNumber. When there are more that 6 results, '...' is displayed bottom-left in the widget. Clicking on this link shows all the matching results.

Version 0.1 20th July 2005

First version. It is possible to search a text file (contained within the widget package) for E-numbers. The first matching result will display at the top, and the remaining results are displayed inline after the first result.