I made some cufflinks featuring an Armadillo logo in steel. The cufflinks are 3D printed from a design that I made.


The logo design is based on the logo of a product that I work on for my day-job, and I based the logotype on an SVG of that. I imported this to Autodesk’s Fusion 360, which is currently my preferred CAD package for many simple jobs (although I also use Solidworks for other stuff).


I had the parts manufactured at Shapeways, who offer 3D printing in metal (and a range of other materials). It takes a couple of weeks, but I think that the results are worth it. (As an asie, I also have a brass drawer handle that I had printed, and the finish is excellent).

Finished Product

Picture of Cufflinks

The final cufflinks are really nice. There is a good weight to them - they don’t feel flimsy, and the steel blends in well with the colours of shirt that I choose to wear.